10 Best Google Chrome Extensions 2019

10 Best Google Chrome Extensions 2019

Google’s browser ‘Chrome’ was introduced in 2008 and soon became the most widely used Internet surfing program, surpassing other browsers.

But many people are still not familiar with some of the key features hidden in it.

In fact, there are a number of extensions and programs that make Chrome usage better and add a fun factor in it. In this article, we’ll cover this fun factor by sharing 10 Best Google Chrome Extensions 2019.

Through them, you can do a lot of fun stuff

And yes, the real thing is that you don’t even need the extra time or money for it.

1:-Save articles

Pocket extension infobhi

This is another best google chrome extension in 2019 which helps in saving any article which you want to read later.

Through this extension, you can read saved article at any device wither if its mobile phone, Laptop or desktop for example in case you open a website or article but don’t have time to read Pocket it. Click on the extension, it will go to the list that will be accessible from any device.

2:-Learn a new language

Learn new languages infobhi
Language immersion

This is a great Google Chrome extension that translates English words and sentences into the language you choose, allowing you to practice learning a new language without difficulty, even if you are performing any important task in the office.

3:-Pink button

If there is someone around you who you don’t want your open pages to be, then hit the PiNK button instead of closing Chrome,

This is a useful google chrome extension that not only protects your work from other people’s eyes. It also saves those sites to a separate folder that you have open, which you can open later at any time.

4:-Look at Gmail emails

10 Best Google Chrome Extensions 2019
Google Mail Checker

This extension is useful for people who are accustomed to sending plenty of emails daily, this extension is simple and easy to use without opening Gmail, you will get to how many emails you have received. ۔

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5:-Block ads

10 Best Google Chrome Extensions 2019

This is one of the most popular extensions for blocking ads, it blocks banner ads and popup windows, and is customizable to the extent that the user can afford such an experience.

6:-Too many Tabs Headaches

10 Best Google Chrome Extensions 2019
One Tab

This is another useful extension for anyone who opens multiple tabs at once, which makes it difficult to find the page you want, but One tab gives them a list and gives them a breakdown of time and date. , While it doesn’t affect computer memory too much.

7:-Chrome Remote Desktop

10 Best Google Chrome Extensions 2019
Chrome Remote Desktop

It can be called a magic extension that gives you access to other computers within your computer, such as if you have forgotten a file-office, connect it to a remote desk and get it.

8:-Identify images

10 Best Google Chrome Extensions 2019


This is another extension in our list of best google chrome extension in 2019.

It allows you to easily identify images online, mainly because they are extensions like Google Images that allow you to do any image search on Google, whether it is identifying locations or anonymously which is useful to know.

9:-Mobile Chrome

Chrome to Mobile

We have chosen this extension in our list of best google chrome extension in 2019 because of its need of the hour.

lets you do office work anywhere, this extension transmits your desktop browser experience to live web pages and work on smartphones, it also works offline.

Avoid grammar mistakes

10 Best Google Chrome Extensions 2019

If you find that some of the Grammar’s writing mistakes can be made, then an extension called Grammarly is for you. It improves the spelling and writing quality, it works not only on Gmail but also on social media.

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