5 (Five) Ways to Make Children Successful

All parents want their child to attend a standard school and college so that they do not face the difficulty of enrolling in a good university while pursuing professional education to make their children successful.In this article we’ll discuss 5 (Five) Ways to Make Children Successful.

 They believe that high-quality and high-cost educational institutions are essential for the best education to make their children successful.

Parents with more financial resources are reluctant to enroll their children in educational institutions.

whose fees are hefty, where focus is only cramming books in the name of education, regardless of their children’s talents and abilities.

These institutions only responsibility is to have the slabs covered, due to which children don’t get opportunity to understand something.

Similarly, it has become common for us to have children in engineering and medical colleges, even if they do not pass merits or pass the entrance test.

Instead of enrolling their children according to their abilities or tendencies, parents give huge bribes for the admissions and then later continued for the pass or good GPA just to give an impression their children as successful children.

In doing so, parents often forget that the real purpose of education is not only to achieve a degree or getting an excellent job.

They forget real purpose which is give sense of awareness in child and also feeling of being an active and responsible part of society.

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Apart from the flaws of our education system, it is the parents’ misconception, that is why only degree holders are leaving our educational institutions.

It has nothing to do with the good of society, country, and the nation and the spirit of helping others is clicking off with time.

To address the current situation, we should desperately put efforts to rebuild our education system.

Apart from it;

 Parents also need to realize that just relying on giving education through higher education institutions, will not provide a golden ticket to make our children a successful and kind human being.

Parents should start effort from home based on self-initiated training for the improvement and betterment of their children’s.

 The following tips can guide parents toward this goal.

1.   Uncovering children’s hidden capabilities:

Uncovering children's hidden capabilities
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Most parents dream of making children doctors, engineers, or accountants because they think that through these professions.

They will earn good money and get rid of financial problems.

On the contrary, their children are more interested in arts, astronomy, graphics.

Some kids like me are interested in areas like computers.

 kids interested in areas like computers.
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Therefore, parents must allow children from an early age to do things that will enable them to uncover their hidden abilities.

 This habit will adequately prepare parents to help them in choosing the perfect future profession for the children according to their capabilities.

 They will get to know the child is inclined towards which particular subject or area from the beginning.

It has been observed that children usually perform best in the subjects of their choice.

Due to which parents will not be required to use tactics such as bribery etc. in their professional admissions.

2.   Give children freedom

Usually, parents, mothers, in particular, are worried about the company of children when they send them out.

Nowadays most parents are not sending children out because of poor law and order and increasing crime

Due to this, children spend most of the time on-screen, which is not only harmful to them but also severely affects their self-esteem.

Responsibilities of Parents:

Parents should take their children out at certain times in their safety and encourage them in outdoor sports and other extracurricular activities.

If they get low marks in education, instead of scolding them, find the real reason. If they fail, then this is an argument that at least they made an effort.

Responsibilities of Parents
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Remember, failures can only teach a man to rise and improve on his own. From Einstein to Stephen Hawking, no eminent intelligent person has ever encountered failures.

If your child is suffering from some physical or mental and psychological problems, then, besides with appropriate and timely treatment,

allow him or her to do things that he or she is usually scared to do so that the fear within him/her will be reduced.

 It will restore self-esteem.

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3.   Promote Flexible Behavior in Children:

Promote Flexible Behavior in Children

Nowadays, most parents have the same complaint with their children that the children do not listen to them and want to do things arbitrarily instead of obeying them.

They often ignore the factors that cause the children to become stubborn and self-centered.

Children usually observe parents or other family members in behaviors; if you want them to act out as of your choice rather than to build self-esteem, they must become self-obsessed.

To build resilience in children,

Parents need to be flexible in their behavior;

if they repeatedly fail to perform a task, instead of stopping them, allow them to find their fault.

 Parents should encourage them in this regard.

Usually, parents send their children in coaching centers or tuition as a result of unsatisfactory progress at school.

Which, in turn, reduces their interest in education because all their sports activity time consumes by coaching centers.

Likewise, some parents use money in the form of a bribe for passing the exams as they realize that their child is not o capable of passing.

 But the problem is something else which suppressed due to negligence, and the children become accustomed to choosing wrong routes with parents.

4.   Create Sense of feelings and empathy in children

Create Sense of feelings and empathy in children

Today we are living in a digital age where social media has reduced not only the tolerance of the younger generation but also our social and ethical values.

 These are characteristic of an Islamic society or any human society.

Unfortunately, the next generation will be two hands ahead of them.

 As they will have to open their eyes to a machined world.

Where their parents love spending more time on social media than in real life.

What Should Parents do ?

To save the breeding population, parents must spend more time with their children by restricting their routine.

They should create a sense of empathy in them, not just for humans, animals but also for plants.

All this could be achieved by just keeping them away from the internet, video games, and social media. Obama set an example bans daughters from using Facebook

At the same time, encourage children to play with the children of their and get in touch, if they fight, instead of trying to keeping them at home, understand their problem, and solve it.

If children are not scolded for error, then gradually, these behaviors become their nature.

 They become accustomed to feeling-less behavior which will lead towards the habit of not showing no empathy for others.

5. Make Children to Experiment with ideas.

Make Children to Experiment with ideas

Our educational system is something that encourages children to cramp books rather than promote the habit of Pursuit, search, or exploring things.

Parents also believe that it is education to pass a particular class of syllabus every year.

Encourage your children to learn through experiences while negating this thought.

How to counter children weaknesses

If they do not understand a scientific topic, then experiment it so that they can better understand the basic of it practically.

Likewise, if a child is weak in mathematics, he or she will be taught simple principles through daily examples and then gradually explained complex principles.

But for all these parents should give their children the proper time.

Remember! Parents have to make a lot of sacrifices for the better training of the offspring and sometimes have to correct their bad habits, so start reforming the children with their correction.

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