Benefits Of Honey:Skin & Health

Honey does not only benefits the sweetness of your food but is also extremely beneficial in health.In this article we’ll discuss Benefits of Honey on skin & health

You may not know, but honey is also the best thing to keep the body healthy and to brighten the skin and, in the Sunnah, it has been described as the best due to its various properties (1)

Here are some of the benefits you may not be aware of.

Honey Usage Protect against infertility

Honey can help protect men and women from infertility, according to various medical research reports that.

 The use of honey can increase the sperm count in men, reducing the risk of infertility, but overeating honey can lead to infertility and Can also increase the risk of infertility

Eliminate itching

A research conducted finds that it can be an effective treatment for itching or itching in certain parts of the mouth and body. It has the same instant effect as a cream, but it is better known for preventing itching.(2)

Honey Reduce diabetes Risk

Honey has a lower Glycemic Index than sugar, which means it doesn’t take up your blood sugar too fast like sugar, honey is sweeter than sugar & using it can help reduce the sweetness of foods.

study found that giving sugar instead of honey helps maintain blood sugar levels. It helps prevent diabetes; however, people with diabetes should not use it without medical advice. It also increases blood sugar level (3)

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Protect from cancer

Honey is a rich antioxidant that can prevent cells from damage or make it possible to slow it down,

One study found that antioxidants help fight edema and depressive stress, and the use of rich diets can help reduce the risk of cancer.

Transparent skin

Honey is a powerful antioxidant, meaning that eating it can naturally help to expel most of the toxins from the body, while its help to make the skin transparent and refined due to its antibacterial properties.

Body weight loss

If you are worried about overweight, clinicians recommend removing sweet dishes made from sugar, rather than adding honey. The reason for this is that the sweetness in honey is different from sugar, which improves metabolism and is very important for body weight loss.

Decreasing Cholesterol Levels

Another benefit of honey is that Honey does not contain cholesterol, but it is full of ingredients and vitamins that reduce cholesterol levels that are harmful to health. Daily honey eating is beneficial for maintaining standards of antioxidants that fight off excess cholesterol.

Healthy heart

Healthy heart
Healthy Heart :Infobhi

   Medical research reports have shown that antioxidants in honey protect the arteries from shrinking, artery contraction causes heart failure, memory loss or headaches, but daily use 2 to 3 tablespoons of honey with a glass of water. Use is effective in preventing this.

Better memory

Some medical research has demonstrated the ability of honey to fight mental stress, which restores a defense system that helps improve memory. Beyond this, calcium in honey is readily absorbed in the brain, which has a beneficial effect on brain functions,it could be consider as one of the best benefit of honey.

Good sleep

Good Sleep infobhi

The sweetness in honey increases the level of insulin in the blood, which releases chemical serotonin into the hormone called melatonin, which is essential for proper sleep.

Beneficial to the gastrointestinal tract

Being a Germination, eating a teaspoon of honey on an empty stomach protects against many ailments that are linked to the digestive system. Going to the gut, nectar eliminates germs and also heals small wounds inside the body.

Relieving throat discomfort

Cough remedy from honey
Cough remedy : infobhi

In addition to preventing cough, honey also serves as an antibiotic solution that can benefit from sore throat.

Mix one teaspoon of ginger in one cup of water, one or two lemon slices and one teaspoon of honey, soaking it with this mixer can reduce sore throat.

Remove the dryness of the head

Washing hair with honey can relieve dryness of the head; its use restores the moisture of the head, reducing the possibility of drought. To get rid of the dryness of the head, mix the thin honey in warm water and then massage it on the head for two to three minutes.

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