Common mistake that weakens the immune system?

Common mistake that weakens the immune system?

The new novel coronavirus is said to be dangerous for older people as well as people with weakened immune systems.

This means that a strong immune system against the virus can help reduce its effects.

But now scientists have discovered that millions and even billions of people around the world make a mistake in their diet every day that not only lowers blood pressure but also weakens the immune system.


It is because the use of too much salt in food.


A study by Bonn University Hospital found that rats were more likely to develop bacterial infections when they were fed a high-salt diet.

Researchers also found that people who ate an extra 6 grams a day had more immune deficiencies.

According to research published in the journal Science Transitional Medicine, the World Health Organization has set the amount of salt at 5 grams per day, which is equivalent to one teaspoon.

Many people consume more salt as a daily routine habit which become the route cause of increase in the blood pressure which later become the reason of Stroke.

But for the first time, researchers say, we’ve been able to prove that eating too much salt can significantly weaken the immune system.

The body stores salt in the blood and organs so that vital biological processes can continue, while the skin is used to store salt, he said.

Sodium chloride has a negative effect on the human immune system, and researchers have found that just 11 grams of salt a day or 2 fast foods a week is enough to weaken immune cells.

Similarly, too much salt increases glucocorticoid levels, hormones that act to suppress inflammation and are present in the immune system.

All These findings are according to a recent study in Germany  

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