Easy ways to lose weight without dieting

It is widely known by now that weight gain is not good for health.

It is also difficult to gauge how destructive this excess fat or weight can be for overall health.

In fact, clinicians consider it too dangerous for health, which increases the risk of many life-threatening diseases.

Yes, obesity or weight can actually lead to a number of diseases, some of which are obvious, while some are exposed on a long-term basis.

Most people prefer dieting to get rid of it, although this procedure is usually not very effective, it is likely to increase the weight upside down.

But the good thing is that weight loss is also possible without dieting and there are easy ways you can try it.

Eat comfortably

Eat Slowly with small scoops :infobhi
Eat Slowly with small scoops:infobhi

Set a 20-minute timeline and start chewing the nasal well, which is one of the best practices for weight loss or obesity and does not require a complicated diet plan.

Chew everything in the diet well and prefer small bowls as it helps to stimulate the hormones in the body to feel full while enjoying the food well.

As a result of eating too fast, the stomach does not have time to tell the brain that it is full and as a result, people overeat.

More sleep

comfortable sleep infobhi
comfortable sleep infobhi

An extra hour of sleep per night can help to reduce weight by up to 4kg a year, a study by the University of Michigan in the US revealed.

The results showed that sleeping and restless eating instead of sleeping helps reduce overall calories by 6%.

 The results apply may vary for each person, but sleep can help in another way.

There is evidence that less than 7 hours of sleep increases the desire for food and increases appetite.

Obesity and Sleep deprivation infobhi

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Fruits and vegetables preferred

Fruits and vegetables infobhi
Fruits and vegetable infobhi

Excessive consumption of fruits and vegetables is a great source of weight loss.

Both of which increase the amount of fiber and water that helps fill the stomach in low calories.

Broth Soup

Broth soup infobhi
Broth soup infobhi

Eating a broth once a day helps reduce the number of calories.

Consuming the soup at the start of eating refreshes the appetite, and decreases the speed of eating.


Commodities infobhi
Commodities infohi

The use of wheat and brown rice, etc., helps quietly reduce body weight, this method fills in low calories and is also likely to improve cholesterol.

Avoid sweet drinks

Juices infobhi

Instead of soda or other sweet drinks, provide water or zero-calorie drinks that will prevent the body from digesting 10 teaspoons of sugar.

 lemons, mint or strawberries can improve the taste of water.

 The sugars contained
in sweet drinks bypass the normal feeling of sugar filling of the body and more
calories become part of the body.

Thin and tall glass preferred

Small glasses infobhi
Small glasses:infobhi

Yes, small, but wider glass space can help to reduce fluid calories and weight without dieting, as the use of such glasses can reduce the amount of juice, soda or any beverage. To 30%.

Green tea

Green tea infobhi
Green tea:infobhi

Drinking green tea can also be beneficial for weight loss. Some research reports suggest that the use of this beverage temporarily increases the body’s ability to burn calories.

Because of the ingredients, it contains, at least it refreshes the body more than soft drinks, and at the very least calories.

Health Benefit of Tea

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Yoga infobhi

Women who are addicted to yoga are less likely to gain weight. One study points to this and the reason is that yoga practitioners are more conscious about food, which can help prevent eating disorders.

Prefer to eat at home

Using home-made foods at least 5 times a week also helps reduce weight, as the nutrients on the outside can be high in fat and calories, resulting in obesity.

Minute chewing gum

Chew the chew gum with no sweet taste, chew when you think you want to eat from the market or just want something to eat.

Small size plate

Using a 10-inch plate instead of a 12-inch plate automatically ensures less food, a study found that in larger plates, people extract more and more food, reducing the plate or cane volume Can be reduced by to 100 -200 calories a day.  and it can also be possible to lose weight by 3 to 5 kg a year.

Moderation is essential

People who are slim or weak in weight are accustomed to eating moderately because it makes it easier to control their weight.

Low consumption of meat

Not only just necessarily limited to just vegetables, but reducing meat consumption helps reduce weight, pulses, vegetables, nuts, and seeds also provide important nutrients to the body but meat is also essential. Eat-in moderation.

Burn more calories

Want to lose 2 to 3kg in a year and start burning more calories daily without dieting.

Take a mile walk, house cleaning for 30 minutes or jogging for 10 minutes, etc.

Hopefully, this article would help you about how to control or lose weight,

Note: This article is for general information only. Readers should also consult their physicians in this regard.