Facebook revealed plans to eliminate smartphones.

Facebook is working on a secret plan to eliminate smartphones. After eliminating MySpace and dozens of other social networks, Facebook has now made its target phone numbers.

CNBC reports that Facebook is working on smart glasses that will gradually replace smartphones.(1)

For this purpose, Facebook has partnered with Ray Bean’s parent company Luxottica to create suitable frames that people like to wear.

Google has also partnered with the same company for its smart glasses to create suitable frames fashionably but failed.

According to the report, the code of smart glasses equipped with Augmented Reality technology has kept semi-Orion.

 A graphic display will appear in front of the eyes of the consumer when he wears it.

  The user can place calls, live stream, and the consumer can do more from Facebook Power A.i.C

The project has been working on Facebook’s Reality Lab in Washington for years, and the company plans to introduce it from 2023 to 2025.

Well, this is not the first time that Facebook has announced plans to eliminate smartphones.

In April 2017, Michael Abrash, chief scientist at Facebook company Oculus Research, claimed that within five years AR-based glasses would replace smartphones and become an everyday computing device.

He said that
these glasses equipped with future technology would be similar to the standard
lenses of today.

These will be of lightweight, but these will also increase the wearer’s memory, prompt translation of foreign languages.

They will also prevent communicative sounds or sounds from going into the ears, as well as will explain the baby’s body temperature at a glance.

These will be super glasses that will not require smartphones after wearing them.

According to Michael Abrash

These glasses will come out as a replacement for smartphones by 2022, and within twenty to thirty years from today we predict that everyone will prefer to wear these stylish sunglasses instead of phones.

He said that within five years, these glasses would be used everywhere, and the use of smartphones will start to become less and less.

If you have a computer in your eye, it will eliminate the need for TVs, smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, fitness trackers, or similar devices.

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Similarly, in 2016, senior Facebook official David Marks also announced his intention to eliminate the mobile phone number.

He said that because of the growing popularity of Messenger, phone numbers are counted now.

He said, ‘Just Think by your own that there was a time when the use of SMS flip phones was common, but now they use messaging applications on their phones and also make phone calls and text messages with their help.’

They believe that after the end of the old mobile phones, better communication has fostered.

He added that through Messenger, we are facilitating text, but people are also offering pictures, videos, voice clips, GIFs, your location, stickers, and more.

 Can also send money. Even video and voice calls are possible and for it doesn’t require a phone number.

Facebook Lite can be downloaded from here

CNBC Report

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