Fifteen (15) Superstition Concepts about food in the World

we are in the era of 21st century where world is transforming itself towards technolog ,but there are still various Superstition Concepts linked to food around the World, In this article we’ll share Fifteen (15) Superstition Concepts about food in the World.

Superstition Meaning :

 Baseless belief in supernatural influences which leads you link things to good or bad luck.

Some of those superstition are.


Garlic :infobhi (Best Helping information)
Garlic :infobhi (Best Helping information)

In the Western World, it is common to think that garlic helps protect against vampires and protects against evil eyesight.


Eggs considered a symbol of fertility in some countries, so farmers place eggs in their fields with the hope that the crop will be okay.

Similarly, in some places, it is also accepted that if two yolks left on breaking an egg, it means that it is about to be married or have twins.


Similarly, in some places, scattering of salt is considered a bad omen and is regarded as a sign of misfortune.


Noodles :infobhi (Best Helping information)
Noodles :infobhi (Best Helping information)

Long noodles are considered a symbol of long life in China a interesting superstition believe, which is why cutting noodles are regarded as a bad omen because

it means you have shortened your life.


In this regard, it is said that if milk is added before sugar, it means you will not get married.

Similarly, if sugar remained at the end of the cup is considered a sign that you are in love with someone.

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coffee :infobhi (Best Helping information)
coffee :infobhi (Best Helping information)

If there are bubbles in the coffee, people in some countries believe that they should be caught with a spoon and swallow it, because they believe this is how money comes from unexpected sources.


Similarly, in some countries ;

They believe that if orange is given to a stranger, then that person will fall in your love.

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If Fork, knife Spoon Falls

There is another exciting superstition belief that if a fork falls to the ground, a woman will come to the house.

 If a knife falls, then a male will come to the house.

If a spoon falls, then a baby will come to the house, which is also a typical omen found in the West.

Green peppers

In some countries, they believes that never to give green pepper directly to a friend, because doing so can break a friendship.


Regarding a knife, in some places, it is superstition believe that giving directly to someone can lead to a breakup, i.e., never give it as a gift.


Peanuts :infobhi (Best Helping information)
Peanuts :infobhi (Best Helping information)

The western irony about this Peanuts is very interesting.

if eaten before a task, performance will be poor.

If peanuts eaten before the start of the game than progress in the game could be very poor.


It is the Jews’ superstition belief that if we dip apples in honey at the beginning of their new year, then it is a sign that the coming year will be sweet.


In America, some circles believe in a strange superstition that if a pin injected in onion and placed it near the window, the evil spirits stay away from home.


In some parts of South American countries, they have another superstition believe that if any one eats 12 grapes at midnight considering each iota as each month of the year, then the sweetener grape will be a good month, while sour grape will be regarded as a bad month.


In some countries, Banana cutting considered a sign of misfortune.

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