Google 21st Birthday Doodle

Google 21st Birthday Doodle

Search engine today shared its 21st birthday with the world a new doodle

Google Search Engine was founded 21 years ago in September 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Burn.

They both were students of Ph.D. at Stanford University, California.

The two students created this world’s richest company as a research project.

Google 21st Birthday Doodle

Did You know?

Backerb, this name considered as an option before keeping the name of ‘Google’.

This math term influenced by ‘GOOGOL’.

On its twenty first birthday, Google shared the doodle of an old computer cartoon.

Google 21st Birthday Doodle
Google 21st Birthday Doodle (Courtesy: Google)

By the way, as Google’s birthday is celebrated worldwide today, but

Google 21st Birthday Doodle

Did you Know?

Until 2005, Google celebrated its birthday on September 7?

The search engine Google enjoyed it’s day on several dates since 2005, including September 8, September 26 and now September 27.

Today Google operates its services in more than one hundred fifty languages ​​worldwide and over one billion users worldwide are benefiting from Google services.

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