Health Benefit of Tea Latest Research 2019

If you like tea, the good news is that this habit helps to improve mental functions.In this article we’ll discuss health benefit of tea according to latest research conducted in 2019.

The claim came from a medical research in Singapore.

Singapore National University research found Health Benefit of Tea stated that drinking tea regularly helps to regulate the brain and improve brain functions better than those who live off of this beverage.

Highlights Of The Study

During this study, the brain data of 36 people were analyzed and according to the researchers they found the evidence of positive effects on the mental structure of tea drinking habits.

The University of Singapore worked with Essex and Cambridge University in the UK to conduct this research.

He said that with the habit of drinking tea, it is possible to prevent degeneration of mental activity from aging.

Earlier research reports have highlighted the benefits to human health of tea, such as improving mood and preventing blood vessel diseases.

A 2017 study also found that drinking tea reduces the chances of mental decline in older people by 50%.

The University of Singapore and the UK have now carried out the same research, collecting data on their health, lifestyle, psychological health, etc., employing 36 people aged 60 or over.

After analyzing the brain performance and imaging results of these individuals,

it was discovered that people who consumed green tea, oolong tea or black tea at least 4 times a week, their brain parts Are connected more effectively to each other.

Green tea
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Conclusion of the Research:

Researchers say that if you take the example of road traffic, consider that the cerebral parts are the same as the destination, whereas the connection between the mental parts is similar to the roads.

when the road system is well organized, the movement of the vehicles and the passengers will be faster and with lesser sources.

Same happens in brain where information analysis is also more effective when the correlation of the brain parts is more organized.

“In our previous research, it was proven that the mental functions of tea drinkers are better than those who stay away from this beverage, but recent results show that adopting the habit of drinking of tea leave positive impact on the brain network.

He said that more research is needed to understand these functions if brain function and brain parts are related to each other.

The results of this research were published in the journal Medical Aging

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