Healthy Mind | Physical Health | Best Tips 2019

Do you want to be healthy mind with best physical health at all ages? If yes, this desire is for everyone but only a few people can do it.

Daily engagements can often deprive people of mental abilities and physical health, but by making exercise a habit.

You can keep your mind up to date with your body with best of healthy mind and with best physical health.

This has emerged in the largest and most detailed research conducted so far, exploring the relationship between physical fitness and mental performance improvement.

In recent years

Much work is done in the medical sciences regarding the effects of physical health on the mind.

Some research reports suggest that physical fitness reduces the risk of dementia, depression and other mental disorders.

There has also been evidence that physical activity improves mental functioning in healthy individuals.

Research published

In the medical journal Scientific Reports states that the findings of maize research were limited to a certain extent, and in some cases, scientists did not review the factors that may have contributed.

Scientists involved in the new study say that in the past research reports did not review the relationship between physical fitness, the white matter of the brain and the various mental parts.

The New Research

It was carried out by experts at Munster University Hospital, Germany.

In which samples of healthy individuals were obtained to examine the relationship between physical fitness, mental structure and various mental components.

For this purpose, 121 MRI brain scans were performed at an average age of 30 years.

The results appeared as those volunteers who were given a Two-minute walking task showed better performance on a mental task.


looked at a number of elements and also focused on different areas of the brain.

Such as focusing, memory, and others, and said that if people physically fit themselves, they would keep the mind young with increasing age. can.

In fact, 2 minutes of fast walking or physical activity can also help to improve the mind to some extent.

This year, a study by Rush University Medical Center in the United States also revealed that taking care of certain lifestyle elements can reduce the risk of the disease.

During this research, about two and a half thousand people were evaluated for nearly a decade and their lifestyle was given special attention such as diet, smoking, physical activity, alcohol use and brain stimulating activities.

The crust of the research says

if we adopt the following activities , we can minimize the danger of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

  • A healthy lifestyle
  • Using a healthy diet
  • Skipping smoking
  • Exercising for 100 minutes each week.
  • Avoiding alcohol
  • Brain stimulating activities.

It shows adopting the best health activities can minimize the danger of diseases.

More we get involved in these activities more we get chances of living long life without these diseases.

Researchers say that implementation of two or three of the 5 factors mentioned above also reduces the risk of dementia by 39%, and that of the 4 or five factors, the risk is reduce to 59%.