Islam | Religion | History (You Deserve To know )

Islam second biggest religion on earth with more than 2 Billion followers which become 25% of the world population.

With that much huge patronage of followers still, Islam as religion is suffering from portraying its true color on the canvas of this world due to many reasons.

                 ” Unfortunately! The main reason among many others is the unavailability of authentic and user-friendly information about religion Islam on the internet “

We are on the mission to put our part to cover this gap and this article is the first drop of rain for this effort on We are going to discuss Islam in a simple and user-friendly way and the information which you deserve to know.

Meaning of Islam:

Origin: Arabic Means Submission / Surrender


In other words, submitting or surrendering own desires wishes in-front of Allah Almighty

it’s all about Humanity

The religion of Islam starts when Allah Almighty created Adam and Eve.

The followers of Religion Islam are known as Muslims. They believe Allah as the creator and ruler of the whole universe. Muslims believe  ‘’ monotheistic ideology ‘’  at the One’s of the ALLAH and Muhammad (PBUH) as their last Prophet.

There is no God but Allah Muhammad (PBUH) is the messenger of Allah.

Meaning of Muslim:

Anybody or anything that surrenders itself to the instructions or orders of their creator “Allah Almighty”. It covers everything in the universe which can be, Planet, trees, birds, animals and so on.

To convey its Message Allah sent many messengers starting from Adam ends at Muhammad (PBUH).

Muslim believes

Since the dawn of Humanity Allah sent many messengers/Prophets starting from Adam (AS) includes Ibrahim (AS), NOAH (AS) end at Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Do you know? Muslim believes more than 1 lac 25 thousand messengers sent by Allah on earth to convey His message to Humanity, Muhammad (PBUH) as their last Messenger/Prophet

Meaning of Prophet:

A chosen Individual from God to convey His will or message to people.

For Muslims Muhammad (PBUH) is the messenger sent by Allah for them to convey Almighty’s message.

Muslim believes Allah sent his message through Angel at Muhammad (PBUH) and the Name of that Angel was “Jibraiel” (AS) and the book revealed at Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by Allah is known as Quran Majid.

Quran Majid (

Muhammad (PBUH) was the first person who memorized the Quran by heart since then there are millions of people who have memorized it by heart.

Interesting Facts about Quran.

  • The only scripture on earth which has been memorized by that many people and still doing.
  • The only book on earth which is at its original shape without even a single change since it was revealed over 1400 years ago at Muhammad (PBUH) and considered it as a final revelation from Allah Almighty

                                   Muslim believes sayings of last Messenger Muhammad (PBUH) are known as Hadith. Many Hadith books were been written (Bukhari, Muslim, etc) also considered being the most sanctified book after Quran Majid.


The companion of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is known as SHABHA in Islam.


Apart from many names four most renowned Shaba of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) are Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique(RA), Hazrat Usman(RA), Hazrat Umar e Farooq (RA) and Hazrat Ali (RA). These four were the successors of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and also were the Muslim’s civil and religious ruler known as caliph in Islam

Muslims consider Islam a universal and complete religion with the concept of Heaven and Hell, which will be awarded to those who do the good deed and bad deed respectively, to achieve this. Islam has defined and explained different religious rules, concepts parameters, and practices.

The main parameter is known as the Five Pillars of Islam which are

  1. Shahadah (Faith)
  2. Salah(Prayer)
  3. Zakah (charity)
  4. Sawm (fasting)
  5. Hajj (Pilgrimage)

Five pillars of islam

These are the compulsory and upmost acts of worship in Islam, it covers each aspect of life.

The rules which are defined by Islam are known as Sharia or Islamic law.

it covers each aspect of life humanity/society starting from Business, job, loan, charity, and right to women and the surroundings.

Islam not only covers the right to humans but also the right to animals and each and every living thing on this universe with defined codes and regulations.

Which covers Human rights, women rights, doing business rights, orphan rights, Animal rights, labor rights, etc

Muslim consider Macca, Madinah, and Jerusalem as their sacred place on earth


Macca is the place where Muslims go to perform Hajj also known as Masjid al-Haram, they consider Khanna Kabba as the House of God. Muslims get their Salah (Prayer) direction through this place.

Pilgrimage performing HAjj in Macca-(

Do you know? Who started the construction of Khana Kaba? If you don’t know you will find your answer in the upcoming lines of this article.


Madinah is the sacred place for Muslims due to their Beloved Prophet /Messenger the last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

He (PBUH) is also known as Sadiq Ameen and Rahma tu alamin ( Source of blessing for the whole universe ).

Masjidie-Nabi (PBUH) Located in Madinah (

Jerusalem the city located between the Mediterranean and the dead sea in the middle east.

This place considered to be sacred not just only for Muslims but other two Abrahamic religions Christianity and Judaism.

Muslims got a special place in their heart for Jerusalem as The first Qibla Muslims prayed towards is Al-Aqsa mosque (also known as qibla ie awal ) located in Jerusalem constructed by Hazrat Ibrahim (AS)[He was among the chain of Prophets sent by Allah Almighty].

What is Qibla?

Qibla is the direction where Muslims have to move his direction during offering prayer.

Masjid-die-Aqsa (

It was Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) who had constructed Khana-Kaba with the help of his son Hazrat Ismael (AS).

It is considered as the first House of worship as mentioned in, Quran

Verily, the first House [of worship] established for Human was that at Makkah – blessed and a guidance for the worlds.
— Quran (3:96)

Geographically Indonesia owns the highest Muslim population which is 13% of the total population of Muslims highest majority Muslim countries.

South Asia owns around 31% while Southeast Asia owns 13.5% 27% in the middle east and in the north of Africa, while around 15% in sub-Saharan Africa Europe owns 3%.

This is the short intro about Islam. We tried to explain the basics of Islam in a simple and user-friendly way. Please don’t forget to pass comments about our effort and also please don’t forget to watch following attached video for more details.-Jazak Allah khair

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