Nobel Prize winners 2020 in the field of Physics

Nobel Prize winners 2020 in the field of Physics

Sweden’s Swedish Academy of Nobel Prize, the world’s most prestigious award awarding academy, has named the 2020 Physics Award to three scientists from the United States, Britain and Germany.

According to a statement issued by the Nobel Prize Committee, half of this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics will be awarded to British mathematician Roger Penries.

While the other half of the award will be given to American woman scientist Andrea Gage and German scientist Reinhard Gansel.

According to the committee

The half of the Nobel Prize in Physics is being awarded to British scientist Roger Penries for his services in conducting preliminary and comprehensive research on black holes.

While female scientists Andrea Gage and Reinhard Gansel are being awarded half the Nobel Prize in Physics for discovering something very authoritative at the center of our galaxy.

German scientists and American women scientists are astronauts, including physicists, and have extensive experience with galaxies and space.

Recognizing the services

Recognizing the services of the three scientists, the Nobel Prize Committee called their research the basis of modern research in physics and said that the world became aware of other mysteries from their initial research.

According to the Nobel Committee

The British scientist Roger Penries surprised everyone by investigating the black hole in 1965, just 10 years after the death of Albert Einstein.

The committee said that Andrea Gage and Reinhard Gansel discovered a very authoritative object at the center of our galaxy in 1990.

They set a new direction for research for astronauts and astronomers.

Like last year, last year the Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to three different scientists.

Last year’s Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to American-Canadian scientist James Pebbles and Swiss scientists Michael Meyer and Deborah Coelhos.

It should be noted that the Nobel Committee announces the Nobel Prize at the beginning of October every year.

From October 5 this year (2020), the committee started announcing the winners of this year.

The Nobel Committee announced the winners of the Nobel Prize in Medicine on October 5.

The Nobel Prize Committee awards prizes in a total of six categories, including medicine.

In addition to medicine, the committee also awards prizes in the categories of chemistry, physics, literature, economics and peace.

The committee awards prizes to Nobel laureates in December each year and the award ceremony is held in Sweden, but the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony is held in another country.

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