50 Interesting Facts About Pakistan

Pakistan (the land of pure) named by choudhry Rehmat Ali in 1933.Pakistan gets its independence from British rule on 14 august 1947,its dream was seen by Poet Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal and Muhammad Ali Jinnah make this dream to put in to reality. In this article you will find some interesting facts about Pakistan.

Until 1971, it consisted of two parts one was East Pakistan and other was West Pakistan, but in 1971 East Pakistan become Bangladesh and now Remaining part known as ”Islamic Republic of Pakistan.’’

Its total area is 882,914 square kilometers located in South Asia on the world map, by size it becomes double the size of California, USA. Pakistan considered being the world 33rd largest country by volume.

Pakistan surrounded with many countries , India is located to its east  boarded with India it shares 2191 km long border line.

Afghanistan covers Pakistan west border while Iran  located to its southwest both Iran and Afghanistan covers 910, 2431 km long borderline respectively.

More Interesting Facts about Pakistan is as follow.

Do you know ?

Pakistan owns the ranges of mountains; it owns one of the largest mountains known as NANGA PARBAT whose height is 8126 meter and K2 whose 8611 meter high

china is located at its northeast border of Pakistan covering 524 km long boarder line .it owns the one of the longest coastline along the Arabian Sea stretched to the area of 1046 km.

Pakistan federation consists of six units name as Punjab, Sindh, kpk, Baluchistan,Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan.

Pakistan Population.

According to the united nation estimates Pakistan total population is 203,647,600 which make it 6th largest country in terms of population.

Literacy Rate.

Pakistan literacy rate is 57% stands for the people above 15 years old who can read and write.


Pakistan resides in the region of hot and dry weather. weather is extreme by nature, ranging from 54 degree Celsius in summer in Sindh desserts and below in winter on mountain ranges in the northern side.

It varies from area to area.

for example;

The weather usually remains warm area near the Arabian Sea.

Karakorum belt of mountains located at the north side of Pakistan stay covered with snow.

Pakistan lies among those few regions which occupy four seasons of weather.

Pakistan weather-infobhi.com
Pakistan weather-infobhi.com

National Anthem of Pakistan:

Pakistan national anthem was written by Hafez Jalluhndri an Urdu poet in 1952, Pakistani national anthem or qoumi Tarana have three stanzas, and in 1954 Pakistan adopted it as its National anthem

Officially, in 1954 it was run on radio Pakistan performed by 11 renowned singers of that time. The officially written lines are as follow

National Anthem-infobhi.com

National Flower of Pakistan

Pakistan national flower is Jasmine, and It is found in most of the gardens it has an attractive fragrance it symbolizes the modesty and amiability.

Jasmine Flower -infobhi.com
Jasmine flower-infobhi.com

National Sport of Pakistan.

Hockey is National Sport of Pakistan.

it has great history in hockey following is the detail

Pakistan  victories in hockey-infobhi.com
Pakistan victories in hockey-infobhi.com
Pakistan  victories in hockey-infobhi.com

Pakistan victories in hockey-infobhi.com

National Animal of Pakistan

The National animal of Pakistan is MARKHOR. It is usually found in the Northern Areas of the country.

National Dress.

Pakistan national dress is Shalwar kameez.

National Drink .

Sugarcane is the national drink of Pakistan.

sugar cane-infobhi.com
sugar cane-infobhi.com

Mountain Peaks of Pakistan

mountains detail-infobhi.com
mountains detail-infobhi.com

Interesting Facts about Pakistan:

  • The only nation in the world who got independence on the name of ‘Islam.’
  • Largest Canal Based irrigation system in the world
  • Pakistan is the Only Muslim nuclear power.
  • Pakistan has the most significant collection of scientist and engineers and ranked seven in the world
  • According to the Institute of European business, Pakistan ranked fourth among 125 nation in the list of most intelligent people.
  • Pakistan owns the Largest Ambulance network, Abdul Satar Edhi foundation runs the world largest ambulance also listed in Guinness world record Book.
  • Karachi considered to be the largest city of Pakistan also knows as the city of light and financial hub of Pakistan.
  • Pakistan Own, the highest Mountain system K2, is the second highest in the world.
  • Pakistan produces the highest handmade football in the world, Sialkot is the hub of handmade in the world located in Punjab, Pakistan.
  • Gawadar located in province Baluchistan owns the world largest Deep sea port.


  •  Karakorum highway located near the border of China-Pakistan Considered being the eighth wonder of the world, because roads are being made at the highest attitude 15,398 ft.
  • It owns the south Asian largest desert which is known as Thar, and it is the only rich dessert in the world.
  • It owns world second biggest salt mine in Jhelum, Punjab Pakistan.
  • Pakistan owns the largest human-made forest which covers the area 12,424 acres. Established in year 1985/86 known as changa manga.
  • Pakistan among those lands who own most massive glaciers in the world Biafo glacier 63 Km long located in the Northern Areas of Pakistan along the Karakorum Mountains.
  • Faisal Mosque Located in Islamabad considers being the biggest mosque of Pakistan.
  • A Pakistani girl Malala Yousafzai own the Noble prize considers to be the youngest girl in the world for backing up women education.
  •  Pakistan owns the rare species Blind dolphin is among those found in the river of Indus.
  • According to the structural volume Tarbella dam located on the Indus River considered to be the 8th largest dam in the world in terms of earth filled dam.
  • Pakistan own world best trained Pilots .

MM.Alam , shot down 5 Indian planes in just less than 60 sec.

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