Whatsapp and Instagram new names

Facebook is going to give Whatsapp and Instagram new names.The two apps will now be named ‘WhatsApp from Facebook’ and ‘Instagram from Facebook.’

A global digital media company” The Information“,” first reported the renaming of these social networking applications.

According to The Information, these changes are the part of the effort under which all three apps are being brought closer to the flag of Facebook.

Since the day Facebook owns the rights of WhatsApp and Instagram, both apps are running separately

In the present case, both WhatsApp and Instagram do not show that Facebook owns them, but now new names will make it clear.

These will not only appear on Facebook’s internal branding, but will also be seen by digital distribution service Google Play and the App Store. However, they will only show up on existing names on the device’s home screen.

Facebook said the decision to rename both applications’ is to make it clear that both of them are part of Facebook.’

Facebook changes infobhi

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Mark Zuckerberg said the purpose of connecting WhatsApp and Instagram to Facebook is to make it a platform where consumers’ privacy is protected.

He wrote in a section in one of his long blogs: ‘People want to send a message to others through the social media platform they are using.’ To send, you have to use ‘Messenger,’ ‘Direct Message’ on Instagram and the application of the same name on the WhatsApp.


Facebook has already adopted this approach in the ‘Workplace for Facebook’ application for communication between offices. One such Instagram app itself has the same name as ‘Boomerang from Instagram.’

The names are changing at a time when Facebook is considering bringing the three services closer. Mark Zuckerberg announced earlier this year that people would be able to send a message via Instagram’s direct message to WhatsApp chat.

Mark Zuckerberg says: ‘We want to allow people to choose whichever application they prefer to connect with their friends.’

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